A plan for every curation need

  • Publishing
    Increase content production
  • $199/mo
    Billed annually
    or $250 month-to-month
  • Unlimited content suggestions
  • Blog authoring
  • Content repository
  • In-house content library
  • Request a demo
  • Combo
    Social + Publishing
  • $360/mo
    Billed annually
    or $450 month-to-month
  • Everything in the Social plan
  • Everything in the Publishing plan
  • Unlimited social channels
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Request a demo

All plans include on-boarding, browser extension, daily content emails and support (chat, email, phone).

Pricing FAQs

Are there onboarding fees?

No. Onboarding is included with the monthly price. Moreover, a training session to introduce you to inboundli and customize your strategy is also included in the price.

Do you have a free trial?

We don't offer a free trial because every new account requires an onboarding and the collection, processing and storage of large amounts of data.

What if I target multiple audiences?

If you target more than one audience and your audiences have nothing in common, you can purchase additional content streams for $100/mo per stream.

Are there costs per user?

We don't have any limits on users and don't charge per seat, so you can give access to as many team members as you need without additional charges.

How many social profiles can I connect?

The Social plan includes 5 social profiles with the option to purchase additional profiles for $20/mo per profile. The Combo plan includes 10 social profiles.

How many competitors can I monitor?

By default, we collect data about 3 competitors or influencers. You can purchase additional competitor channels for $30/mo per competitor.

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