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Improve Your Content Stream

Improve Your Content Stream

You can teach inboundli to provide more accurate content suggestions. There are five ways to do this:

Mute Publishers

Mute publishers if you don’t want to see any of their content in your stream, ever. This is especially useful to avoid accidentally sharing content from direct competitors.

To mute a publisher, click the Mute publisher button on any content suggestion in your stream.

The Mute publisher button

You can unmute a publisher anytime by going to Settings > Muted publishers.

Steps to unmute a publisher

Hide Articles

You can teach inboundli that you don’t like some type of content by hiding it from your stream. To hide content, click the x-button on a content suggestion in your stream.

The hide content button

If you hide 5-10 suggestions about a topic (say ecommerce), inboundli will start showing significantly less content on that topic. After 15-20 hidden suggestions, you are likely to stop seeing any content about ecommerce in your stream.

You don’t have to worry about accidentally hiding topics you are actually interested in from your content stream because inboundli is very good at identifying the similarities between the articles you hide. In addition, you can send us an email and we’ll revert your content stream to a previous state.

Share Articles

Every time you share content, inboundli learns that it’s relevant to you and will show you similar content in the future.

The platform also tracks performance and will prioritize content that generates more engagement on your social channels.

Share Content From Searches

You can use searches to refocus your default stream into a new topic. To do that, search for a topic and simply start sharing content (read more about searching in inboundli). As you share content from a search, your default stream will adjust to show more content similar to the searches you use frequently.

Steps to share content from searches

Contact Us

You can reach out to us if you need a drastic change in content and the methods above aren’t working for you. We can change your data sources and completely refocus your content stream onto a new audience.