inboundli has shut down and no longer operates.

Integrating inboundli with HubSpot

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By integrating inboundli with HubSpot you can multiply your content output and consistently publish the best content from your industry across your social media channels.

The HubSpot integration is available to inboundli customers at no additional charge. HubSpot users who aren't inboundli customers yet, are eligible to a 20% discount on all inboundli plans.

If you're an inboundli customer and not familiar with HubSpot, try HubSpot for 30 days for free and leverage your targeted social audience to drive qualified traffic to HubSpot landing pages: HubSpot 30 Day Trial for inboundli Customers

You can view our integration page on HubSpot for additional details: Integrate inboundli & HubSpot

Integrating inboundli with HubSpot is super easy. Just send us your Hub ID and a list of the social profiles that you would like to publish to.

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A list of social profiles to integrate with inboundli

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Multiply your content output

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