inboundli has shut down and no longer operates.

Proven workflows and powerful features

Discover the most relevant content

Cut through the noise and find the most engaging content for your target audience. inboundli uses AI to source relevant content in any industry.

A screenshot of the content stream in the 'Suggestions' menu

Social signals

inboundli analyzes your social data to suggest the most engaging content for your specifc audience.

Data from influencers

inboundli uses data from influencers in your industry to combine the best parts of their content strategy with yours.

Machine learning

inboundli contentiously improves content suggestions by learning from your actions and performance.

Automate social media publishing

Have your social posts optimized for maximum engagement. inboundli can automate every aspect of publishing to your social channels.

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Choose what to automate

Let inboundli fully automate your social media publishing or select which tasks to keep manual.

Enrich your posts

inboundli automatically tags publishers, suggests relevant hashtags and sources images.

Optimize scheduling

inboundli selects the best times to publish content based on your target audience's engagement statistics.

Reach more people with your in-house content

Easily locate your best in-house content to reuse. inboundli will repeatedly publish your best content to get the most traffic out every blog post.

A screenshot of the content stream in the 'My content' menu

Recurring publishing

Get the most out of each blog post by automating your social calendar for weeks ahead.

Reuse the best

Find the best and underutilized content from the past and revive it on your social channels.

Distribute organically

When mixed with curated posts, your in-house content gains better social media visibility and drives more traffic.

Host a periodical digest on your blog

Curate the best content to create engaging digests. Increase your content output, quickly react to industry news and improve search rankings.

A screenshot of a content editor in a pop-up window

Predictable growth

Increase the content output on your blog and drive predicable growth by publishing consistently.

Faster authoring

Effectively recap the most relevant news from your industry in minutes instead of hours.

Effective format

inboundli helps you to create digests that are structured for engagement and optimized for SEO.

Multiply your content output

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