Powerful features in a simple workflow

Discover the Most Relevant Content

Cut through the noise and find content with the most potential to engage your target audience. Powered by machine learning and social signals, inboundli provides the fastest way to source relevant content in any industry.

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Social Data Analysis

inboundli analyzes your social data to predict and suggest the most engaging content from your industry.

Machine Learning

inboundli contentiously improves content suggestions by learning from your actions and performance.

Search and Filtering

Our unique search and filtering technology returns results based on your audience's interests.

Grow Engagement With Social Posts

inboundli provides features to optimize social publishing for maximum engagement with your posts. With optimal image sizes, tags, annotation lengths, hashtags and sharing times, your posts always perform.

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Optimization Suggestions

inboundli provides ideas and feedback to help you create posts that reach and engagement your audience.

Enrich Your Posts

inboundli automatically tags publishers, suggests relevant hashtags and sources visuals to optimize your posts.

Scheduling Templates

inboundli creates a scheduling template based on the times your audience is likely to engage with your content.

Reach More People With Your In-House Content

inboundli helps to find your best and underutilized in-house content. Mixed with curated posts, your content is distributed organically, reaches new audiences, earns more engagement and is never wasted.

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Natural distribution

When mixed with curated posts your authored content gains more visibility, engagement and authority.

Your in-house stream

inboundli imports every piece of content that you publish into a separate content stream for you to share from.

Scheduling automation

Rapidly fill your content calendar with recurring posts that have the highest potential to perform.

Curate Content in Your Blog and Newsletter

Use the best third-party content to effortlessly author blog posts and newsletters. Published in an efficient format, curated posts engage your audience, drive social traffic to your website and improve search rankings.

A screenshot of curated blog posts

Create More Content

Publish the best content about industry news and free time to work on your key content assets.

Author a Curated Blog Post

Consistently author posts and establish a predictable stream of social traffic to your website.

Curate in a Newsletter

Create newsletters to engage your audience with timely and relevant news directly in their inbox.

Research Content and Monitor Competitors

inboundli helps to research, reuse and monitor third-party content. Save your favorite posts to use later, find your best performing content and monitor your competitors to make sure that you're always a step ahead.

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Content Repository

Save content in a repository to review with team members, plan campaigns and research content.

Performance Stats

inboundli helps you to find your best performing posts to reuse and plan in-house content creation.

Competitor Monitoring

Gain insights about your competitors and integrate their success factors into your content strategy.

Multiply your content output

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