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#TwitterUpdate – Avoid Getting Affected by Twitter's New Anti-Spam Policy

#TwitterUpdate – Avoid Getting Affected by Twitter's New Anti-Spam Policy

Starting from today Twitter will enforce a new anti-spam policy. Not adhering to the policy is very likely to lead to an account suspension or deletion.

Being a third-party curation tool at our core, we avoided being hit hard by the policy. However, two things are important to keep in mind while using inboundli to prevent your Twitter account from being suspended:

  1. We recommend not to repost content until it’s clear how the new policy works. If you have recurring posts scheduled to Twitter, we recommend removing them. If you use any other tools e.g. Buffer, CoSchedule, MeetEdgar to schedule recurring Tweets, you should delete your posts from them as well (the policy will affect every tool without exceptions).

  2. It’s important that you don’t post the same content to two or more Twitter profiles. Most users don’t do it by default but if you have multiple Twitter accounts connected to a single stream it will be important to pay attention that you post to one profile at a time. The platform already makes sure that scheduled posts disappear from your suggestions feed so you can’t accidently repost the same content more than once.

It is yet uncertain when and how Twitter will enforce it’s new policy, the degree of automation it will use to suspend accounts, and how responsive they will be to appeals from a suspended user. It might well happen that the policy will only affect specific companies who target elections, or it might affect everyone.

We know of a few companies who are likely to be affected and will monitor what happens to them over the next couple of weeks. As we learn more, we might make changes to some features on inboundli.

For now, you can continue posting third-party content and even fully automating your account because inboundli doesn’t recycle content by default. As stated above, you’re in the safe zone as long as you don’t repost the same content and don’t post the same Tweet to more than one Twitter profile.

You can read more about this policy update on Twitter’s Developer Blog and Developer Community: