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#TwitterUpdate – Avoid Getting Affected by Twitter's New Anti-Spam Policy

Starting from today Twitter will enforce a new anti-spam policy. Not adhering to the policy is very likely to lead to an account suspension or deletion.

8 Lesser Known Social Media Changes – What to Pay Attention to in 2017

There is plenty of coverage on new features that were launched on social networks over the past year. While additions such as Conversation Starters on LinkedIn or live 360 videos on Twitter are likely to impact B2B marketing in 2017, there are more critical changes that are certain to have an effect on established social marketing tactics.

Twitter Update: Annotating Posts is Going to Get a Lot Better

Twitter recently announced major changes in the way the 140-character limit will be counted in the near future, allowing for longer Tweets. These changes bring significant advantages to users and social media marketers in particular. Among the changes are the ways Mentions, Retweets and media attachments are being handled; which will open the way to more expressive annotations and better content sharing.