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Software Comparison Websites: inboundli Reviewed on Software Advice

Software Comparison Websites: inboundli Reviewed on Software Advice

We are excited to announce that inboundli got reviewed and listed on Software Advice – one of the most prominent software comparison websites out there. But wait! You should still read on because this article isn’t about bragging. It also includes the valuable lessons that we learned from getting listed on a dozen software comparison websites.

Software Advice is a Gartner (NYSE: IT) company which features over 31,400 user reviews. This makes it one of the most trusted resources for buyers to discover new software solutions. The team at Software Advice manually researches and reviews the best software on the market and we are excited to be listed along with some of the top software vendors in the world.

Software Advice is the second Gartner company to feature inboundli after Capterra, who earlier this year listed inboundli among the top 5 software vendors in the content marketing, social media and social networking categories.

Bragging Aside: A Lesson For SaaS Companies

We strongly recommend to our clients who run a SaaS business to work on software comparison listings as those can be a great source of qualified traffic. 9% of this traffic converts into leads. To add to this, 45% of leads are qualified for sales and 72% of qualified leads purchase a subscription. Also important is the fact that clients acquired through these channels are more likely to choose a more expensive tier.

Where to Get Listed?

We are listed on Capterra, Product Hunt, AlternativeTo, Serchen, Moblized and FinancesOnline among others. However, the largest portion of traffic so far has come from the first three websites and we are hoping that Software Advice will be the fourth high-performing acquisition channel.

How to Get Listed?

Each platform is different, and while AlternativeTo allows anyone to create a profile, Product Hunt considers submissions only by known members of the community. In the case of Software Advice, there is a review process by employees. Some websites require a minimum amount of clients, while others will list your product only for a fee.

As you can see, there is no single approach that works and each company will provide submission and acceptance guidelines on their websites. That being said, we never followed those guidelines and instead, directly reached out to employees via email, Twitter or LinkedIn.

What to Expect?

In our case, the quality of traffic from software comparison websites is second only to organic search (we have a very targeted approach to SEO). But where quality is great, quantity flounders – the traffic volume from software comparison websites trails far behind organic search and social media. On the bright side, there is the option to advertise and promote your profile on many of these websites, an option we will probably start utilizing soon.


Software comparison websites can be a good source of qualified leads and are worth your consideration, especially if you are operating a SaaS business. We recommend listing your company on a handful of carefully selected websites and work to optimize your listings through reviews. As to getting listed, we believe that taking a proactive approach and reaching out to individuals in these companies will help to yield the fastest results.