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Interactive Content – Reincarnation of Your Old Content Pieces

Interactive Content – Reincarnation of Your Old Content Pieces

Static blogs aren't read as much anymore. Ads are being blocked. Ebook downloads have stalled.

This isn't a news flash; this is the stark reality of content marketing. And as marketers, you can relate to the pressure of battling it. However, with content fatigue nearing a peak, how do you engage prospects and keep the lead generation graph traveling upwards? Go Interactive!

Interactive content marketing is a growth hack that is gradually gaining momentum among marketers. It results in more leads, better engagement, and higher conversions. Here's what the 53% of marketers who are already using interactive content have experienced:

  • 81% state that interactive content is more effective at the critical engagement stage of “grabbing attention”
  • 79% agree that interactive content enhances retention of brand messaging when combined with traditional marketing tactics
  • 79% agree that interactive content can have reusable value, resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures

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Awesome! But does that mean I completely ditch my existing content?

Not really. While creating unique interactive experiences like calculators and quizzes can help you create a custom branded collateral, you can also repurpose your existing content pieces to make them interactive.

Let’s understand how you can reincarnate your old content pieces to give them the midas touch of interactivity.

  1. Blogs - To make prospects interested in what you're writing, you need to create some engagement avenues. A great way is to embed a calculator or quiz within the post. Not only will it keep the audiences hooked, but will also optimize the ROI of your blog. Interactive content gets 50% higher click rates and 13% more shares than static content; the pageviews are also 4-5X higher. So by simply embedding a calculator on your blog post, you can boost your share rate and hence, your traffic considerably.

    What’s more? When you use interactive experiences as a Call-to-Action in your posts you end up getting higher click-through rates and better conversions. Think about it. Say you you’ve written a post titled “How to get more leads from your current marketing strategy?” that had a call to action saying “Want more leads? Sign up here!” How many people would click on it? A few, maybe. However, the conversion rate will be pretty mediocre (0.5%-2%). Now imagine if the call to action was “Calculate how many more leads you can generate using our tool” along with the actual calculator embedded in the blog. You’re likely to get 12X more leads.
  1. Newsletters - Newsletters are integral to the mailing campaigns of almost any brand now. While some use them to keep in touch with their audience, others treat them as core marketing collateral. However, in both cases, the key challenge remains the same – getting people to open and interact with the newsletters. Spam filters are a harsh reality of our times and getting through them is a task in itself. In most cases, your audience has signed up for your newsletters, so you can easily bypass this issue. But the challenge of engaging them still persists. A good way of dealing with this is by making newsletters interactive. One way is to add animated GIFS, videos, and rotating carousels. Another way is to make the navigation interactive. Use CSS to hide and/or display menus. This technique is popularly known as Accordians. It is also important to add value to every email you send. There should be some takeaway for your prospects. You can add a simple quiz, poll, or calculator to your email which answers your prospect's most pressing questions. It increases the click through or opening rate of the mails. Probably this is why interactive emails are trending hot.

  2. Landing Pages - The average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%. However, by using interactive content you can optimize your landing pages to convert better. VenturePact, a SaaS firm, hosted a mobile app calculator on their landing page. This resulted in a click through rate of 66%. What's more? The conversion rate stood at a staggering 40% and VenturePact got more than 11K leads from the calculator. Adding a calculator or even a quiz on a landing page of, say, an ebook can improve the average time on page. Besides, it can help lower the bounce rate and get people genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Some interactive experiences that can be a part of your landing page are calculators, quizzes, polls, and surveys.

Now is the age of the customer. Here, two-way interaction weighs over blatant promotion. Thus, interactive experiences can help your brand connect with prospects at a humane level, engage them better, and ultimately improve conversions.