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inboundli Tips and Features – Post Like a Human

inboundli Tips and Features – Post Like a Human

Automation is pretty great and can help a small team scale their marketing operations at marginal costs. But there’s a catch: People love interacting with other people, not with machines. It follows that an automated process is only effective as long as automation isn’t easy to spot.

This holds especially true on social media which is built around human interactions. For that reason, we introduced a new feature to “humanize” your social posting.

How inboundli Humanizes Your Posts

If you go to “Scheduling” > “Scheduling template”, you will see that we added a setting that allows you to randomize posting times.

Setting to enable scheduling time randomization

If enabled, this feature will schedule your posts at random times within 10 minutes of the time that you select.

When you edit a post, you’ll still see time slots in their absolute times (not yet randomized). The randomization happens only after you click on “Schedule”.

Timeslot in it's absolute time (not yet randomized)

You can check the exact time that a post was scheduled to by going to “Scheduling” > “Scheduled posts”. If you use the HubSpot integration than you need to go to “Social” > “Publishing” and select the “Scheduled” tab.

Checking randomized time from the "Scheduling" menu in inboundli

Why Use Randomization?

The scheduling randomization feature is enabled by default and there are a few good reasons to keep it activated:

  • By now, many people developed an eye for non-human activity. By randomizing posting times, automation becomes harder to spot and engagement rises.
  • Based on tests that we ran, there’s more chance to reach your audience by posting at slightly different times every day.
  • In extreme cases, automation can be punished by social networks for undermining their main purpose – enabling human interactions. This is an unlikely scenario (unless you directly engage in spamming), but it doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side.

To Sum It Up

Humanizing your social posts has no apparent drawbacks, but there are a few benefits that are worth considering. By enabling the time randomization feature in inboundli, you can be sure that your posts appear natural and get even more engagement!