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inboundli Marketing Picks (Issue #8) – Data Driven Content Marketing

inboundli Marketing Picks (Issue #8) – Data Driven Content Marketing

In this issue we decided not to highlight one specific topic but to give you a versatile mix of useful resources about data in content marketing, selling like a brand, reaching influencers on Twitter, measuring the ROI of engagement and social posting best practices.

Content Marketing

Data-Driven Content Marketing

The volume of content online grows at a staggering rate and is doubled every year. In such an environment, it's crucial that your content is targeted and has the capacity to engage your audience. This article shows how to use data to create new content with reproducible engagement.

One of the biggest challenges writers face is to create content that resonates with their readers. Data analytics can be the solution to this challenge. If you collect the right data, you can find out what content your audience likes...

Calculating the ROI of Customer Engagement

One of the most valubale metrics for measuring social media activity and success is Engagement. However, it is also one of the hardest metrics to tie to tangible results and evaluate it's impact on ROI. This article examines how to measure ROI and adds to what we published about measuring the value of engagement in this blog post.

We know that customer engagement matters. Yet much of our thinking about engagement remains simplistic. Most current definitions of engagement are bimodal – someone is either engaged or they’re not. But this is a limited view that hampers our ability to manage engagement in meaningful ways...

Influencer Marketing

5 Ways to Get Noticed by Influencers on Twitter

‍Influencer marketing is a well tested branding practice and there is no surprise that marketers have adopted this strategy to use online. The online world offers an unprecedented opportunity for small businesses to connect with industry influencers (as long as they create something valuable). This article examines how to use Twitter to cheaply and effectively get noticed by an influencer on Twitter.

Getting noticed and building relationships with influencers on Twitter will help you increase your online influence within your industry. With influence comes leverage, which is the foundation to growing the business...


The Best Salespeople Do What the Best Brands Do

The sales funnel and the role of the sales rep are changing in the modern business environment where most consumers have full access to information. Buyers can conduct thorough research before ever speaking to a rep and salespeople can no longer control the flow of information, resulting in less influence over the buying decision. In this new environment, salespeople have to adopt and shift behavior to mimic what the best brands do.

I laid out seven critical brand-building principles that great brands follow when I wrote my first book. I’ve now found that these principles are as instrumental to restoring sales to its role as a valuable, sustainable, integral business function as they are to building great brands...


How To Create Perfect Posts: Version 6 [Infographic]

This infographic provides a quick and accurate overview of the best practices for creating optimized posts on your own as well as social channels. It also provides a table for timing posts which we find to be inline with our internal data.

Our Perfect Posts series has become a helpful resource for Social Media Managers and bloggers alike. The ever-changing landscape of social media means our editions go out of date quickly – so to make it easier for you all we’ve created our sixth edition on how to create perfect posts on social platforms...