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inboundli Marketing Picks (Issue #5) – Growing Organic Social Reach

inboundli Marketing Picks (Issue #5) – Growing Organic Social Reach

This week we decided to focus mainly on organic reach and traffic and kicked off our marketing picks with great resources about growing organic reach on Twitter and Facebook. Then, for the first time we felt compelled enough to share an article about SEO (this one actually talks to the point) which explains how "Mention" multiplied their organic traffic. We followed up with content personalization and as usually wrapped up the post with the best infographic we could find this week, this time it's about visual content.

Social Media

How to Increase Your Twitter Impressions Organically

Social interactions such as likes, replies and retweets are certainly interesting, but by themselves they only provide a limited view of your overall performance. It is important to look at interactions with additional metrics that help to position them in a broader context. For example, looking at likes by posting time can give you actionable data and help optimize posting to the best performing times. However, the most basic metric to add context to interactions remains impressions. This article explores what impressions on Twitter are and how to grow them to amplify your social reach and engagements.

When it comes to Twitter marketing, one of the key metrics brands measure is engagement. If people aren’t retweeting, liking or clicking your Tweets, there’s a good chance your message is falling on deaf ears. Tweeting without any engagement is like shouting your thoughts to an empty room.

While it’s true that engagement is extremely important, there’s another metric that goes hand in hand with it...

10 Fundamental Ways To Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach By 193%

I spoke to many people who gave up on Facebook as a marketing channel since their organic reach started to dip sometime during 2013. Luckily, Facebook isn't a vital social channel in many industries where authority and expertise is critical. However, industries that require authority and are directed at consumers, such as doctors, law firms and accounting firms among others, can benefit a lot from an active and engaging Facebook page. This article is for those who need Facebook and struggle with organic reach. 

Facebook marketing has changed a lot over the past few years. The days are gone when you could throw up a Facebook post and then sit back and do nothing while tons of engagement filled your page. Now most brands are lucky if 10% of their fans see their posts in the news feed.

At Facebook’s F8 conference in April, everyone finally learned how the news feed algorithm actually works. What’s the bottom line?...


SEO Tips: How Mention Increased Search Traffic 373% in 6 Weeks

To continue our focus on organic reach we found a well rounded walk-through over technical aspects of SEO that will help you drive organic traffic. The methodology described in the article delivered great results to Mention and has a lot of interesting points for new and seasoned SEO practitioners alike. We implemented most of the suggestions in inboundli prior to reading the article and had some great results ourselves.

We started with a goal: increase organic search traffic 100% in three months. It was a little lofty, but achievable. Instead, after six weeks, traffic had grown by 373%. In fact, it multiplied almost overnight. And it’s stayed that way ever since. We’ve maintained those rates of search traffic, increasing it each month.

To date, we’ve signed 126 clients who found us through through SEO. And those clients bring in more than $50,000 in recurring revenue a year. We’d like to tell you how we did it...

Content Marketing

Personalization Is The Future Of Content Marketing

There is a lot of talk among marking and sales professionals about optimizing content to the buyer's journey. And certainly, it makes every bit of sense to serve each prospect with a piece of content that would push them to the next step along the sales funnel. Unfortunately, for now content marketing lacks a lot of the personalization and targeting that is available with paid ads and banners. This article explores how content can nevertheless be personalized and optimized to engage your audience.

How do you make sure the content you’re producing stands out from your competition and win a customer’s attention? Content personalization. By getting the right content in front of the right people at the right time through the right channels, you can much more effectively engage and convert your target audience into customers for your business. What Is Personalization?...


10 Types of Visual Content to Jumpstart Your Brand [Infographic]

Photographs, illustrations, charts, screenshots, infographics, GIFs, videos and more offer an unprecedented variety of visual stimulus to trigger interactions with content. According to data we collected in inboundli social posts with an image have 60% more chance of triggering engagements on social media and 18% more chance to trigger sharing which can dramatically increase the reach of your content. This infographic depicts a few popular visual content types and provides interesting data to consider when creating your next post.

In the words of the great Dwight Schrute; “FACT. Regularly producing engaging content is key in creating a successful brand.” Now that we’ve stated the obvious, how do you create content that’s memorable and stands out?...