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inboundli Marketing Picks (Issue #4) – Leveraging Content for Sales Enablement

inboundli Marketing Picks (Issue #4) – Leveraging Content for Sales Enablement

We are back with another issue of "inboundli Marketing Picks", our biweekly series of curated blog posts for marketers, sales people, company owners and anyone else who is interested in social media and content marketing. In this week's issue we decided to concentrate on less categories and instead expanded more on specific aspects of content marketing. We also blended another marketing productivity article since the one in the previous issue got many many clicks. We wrapped up this week's issue with an infographic about a topic we feel strongly about – Predictive Analytics.

Content Marketing

Are You Leveraging Your Content for Sales Enablement?

Many companies focus on creating great content but only a handful utilize their content as a powerful sales enablement asset. To raise awareness on this topic, our first pick in this issue examines what makes content that can support a sales funnel and clarifies how marketing and sales teams can use it for customer acquisition.

To really maximize sales enablement content, you need your content to be doing the work for you. While case studies and testimonials are definitely helpful for bottom-of-the-funnel leads, using interactive content to pose questions and receive opinions is really what will take your marketing qualified leads to the next level, and drastically scale your sales efforts in the process...

4 Winning Strategies to Write Content That Other People Link To

As our first pick has shown, content marketing is a versatile strategy that can impact multiple goals - Content can be used to drive traffic, build brand awareness, nurture leads and getting media coverage among many others. Our second pick focuses on one such goal and sheds light on how to use content to enhance SEO and rank better in search results.

SEO experts like Neil Patel and Brian Dean both agree that content marketing is one of the best ways to earn real, white hat links that improve rankings. Great content, combined with effective marketing, can earn you hugely powerful links that supercharge your SEO. There’s just one problem: in 2016, almost every business is doing content marketing. The era of writing a short and simple blog post and emailing it to bloggers in exchange for a link or two has come to an end - to survive with content marketing in 2016, you need to do something different...

11 Methods That Will Make Your Content Marketing Campaign Go Viral

In our previous blog post we chose to feature an article about content virality. In this issue we would like to continue and expand this topic with an article by Neil Patel.

Some people think all they have to do is write content and the world will come knocking at their doors, linking to their content, and sharing their articles. Write an article. Hit publish. Sit back and make money, right? Nope. It doesn’t work that way. In order to succeed at content marketing, you have to do both: the writing and the promoting of your content.

Marketing Productivity

5 Steps to Boost B2B Marketing Productivity

As the title of the article makes clear – it examines the steps needed to maximize marketing productivity from a B2B perspective and we find the advise to be concise and useful.

When it comes to marketing strategies, you'll find lots of tricks and techniques on launching creative marketing campaigns and driving conversions. While those are valuable conversations to have, sometimes teams put the cart before the horse by focusing on refining those tactics when they haven't yet addressed more basic steps on campaign strategy and metrics for success. One commonly overlooked area? Volume...


What’s Ahead for Predictive Analytics and Why It Matters for Businesses [Infographic]

As ever more companies are entering the predictive analytics landscape, the way sales and marketing are done are destined to undergo a dramatic change over the next decade. Predictive modeling also lies at the core of inboundli and we felt compelled to share an infographic that helps to better understand predictive analytics and forecasts the future (pun intended) of customer acquisition.

Predictive analytics is the practice of looking for patterns within systematically compiled data in order to anticipate behaviors and trends. Predictive analytics in the business setting is used to help sales and marketing teams build models and ideal customer profiles as well as provide information to both teams which can be used to increase sales, retain profitable customers and help to understand which customers aren't an ideal fit for your company...