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inboundli Marketing Picks (Issue #3) – Creating Viral Content

inboundli Marketing Picks (Issue #3) – Creating Viral Content

inboundli Marketing Picks is a biweekly series of curated blog posts for people who are interested in social media and content marketing. In this week's issue we mixed practical and theoretical resources for people who love to take action after reading an article and those who prefer exploring new concepts and ideas. We also added a new category this week titled "Marketing Productivity".

Content Marketing

The Ultimate Guide To Creating Viral Content

The first article we picked this week walks through the details of creating viral content. It helps to understand what virality is and provides workflows that can increase the chances of a piece of content becoming viral.

Many marketers have been quick to point out that it is impossible to “create” viral content and that virality is not a product in itself but an effect. A viral reaction to an image/blog post or a video can occur, but the content cannot be viral through its very nature. Nevertheless, is it perhaps possible to create viral content?

How New SaaS Companies And B2B Startups Should Be Using Content Marketing

Content marketing strategy varies with company size and our second pick provides many useful concepts and advice to successfully use content as a new, micro company.

Any company that wants to be on a level playing field needs to be investing in content. This is all the more true for startups that have a brand and customer base to build. The only difference is how you should be using content marketing - A limited budget and the fact that you’re trying to build a brand from the ground up means your content strategy is probably going to look pretty different from that of a large enterprise, or even an established SMB...

Social Media

4 Ways Sales Can Use Content in Their Social Selling

Our third pick is about social selling - one of the biggest game changers in the world of sales in recent years. The article discusses how to use content in the context of sales and social media.

Over the past several years, we have seen a significant rise in the importance of digital channels in the sales process. In today’s increasingly connected world, prospects and customers are just a click away. Modern companies must adapt their sales strategies to attract and satisfy these next-generation buyers. The power of social media combined with content sharing can help sales forces to engage more intelligently with buyers and build those important prospect relationships...

Marketing Productivity

How to Market Your Agency When You're Way Too Busy: 15 Tips

For all the inbound marketing agencies, our fourth pick is a post by HubSpot providing 15 tips for daily productivity (in case you missed the original). We find the advice to be useful beyond agencies and will iteratively implement some of the tips ourselves.

Your daily to-do list is packed with a number of priorities: meet with a client, review a proposal, interview candidates for a position, discuss quarterly sales targets, and call your accountant. Oh, and you need to write a blog post and figure out a new lead acquisition channel. Here are a few tips you can use to get more done in less time and little ways you can improve your marketing outreach and lead generation efforts each week...


What a High-Converting Blog Page Looks Like [Infographic]

Finally, we chose an informative infographic that portrays what a high-converting page looks like. The infographic comes with supporting text beneath it for each of the points.

There's no cookie cutter formula for a high-converting blog page layout. However, we've learned through our client blog performance reports that a blog layout template we've customized (taking inspiration from various influencer blogs) helped increase engagement and conversion...