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inboundli Marketing Picks (Issue #13) – Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

inboundli Marketing Picks (Issue #13) – Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

It's our 13th issue and we really wanted to publish it on a Friday so we could bring you some scary marketing facts. Unfortunately, the next Friday the 13th is only in October and we didn't want to wait that long. So instead we made this list of completely unscary but useful and interesting marketing resources.

Social Media

Marketing Solutions: 5 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Must Avoid

There's a lot of good advice in this article but the headline should've included medium sized businesses because most of their social media challenges are similar to small ones. Still, we chose this article to headline this issue because it's simple and covers the mistakes that every business should indeed avoid on social media.

Most small business owners realize that social media isn't just a source of industry headlines and real-time news—it's also a valuable marketing tool to gain business followers and customers. What happens when those customers stop hitting the Like button, or even worse, start to unfollow...

8 Lesser Known Social Media Changes – What to Pay Attention to in 2017

W‍e don't usually place our own content so close to the top of an issue but this time we made an exception. This article got shared thousands of times and many more after we syndicated it across channels such as Social Media Today (3,000 shares on SMT). So we figured there must be something of value in this post and decided that it's worth resharing in the issue and putting at the top.

There is plenty of coverage on new features that were launched on social networks over the past year. While additions such as Conversation Starters on LinkedIn or live 360 videos on Twitter are likely to impact B2B marketing in 2017, there are more critical changes that are certain to have an effect on established social marketing tactics...

5 Things You Won't Hear in 2017

There are many new innovations and concepts for social media marketers in 2017. However, many of the changes that grab the spotlight aren't going to make our lives any easier. In fact, many of them might add confusion and distract marketers from focusing on the right strategies. This article puts things into the right perspective and can help to prioritize goals.

With natural social media evolution, we’ve gained smarter attribution models, platforms with Mercedes-level engineering and brand engagement master classes perpetrated during every major event. But these improvements haven’t made the lives of social professionals any easier; they've only led to more complex social decision-making...


The Crazy Egg Guide to B2B Blogging

‍Wish we had this guide when we were starting. Alas, there were few valuable resources that focused on blogging for B2B companies back in 2014 and we had to learn these lessons ourselves. To spare you the need of patching together a B2B blogging strategy, we included this article that groups multiple insights in a structured way.

Blogging is a powerful B2B content marketing tool. But many B2B content marketers aren’t getting anything close to its full effectiveness. So they conclude that blogging doesn’t work, or at least that it doesn’t work for their business...

Content Marketing

How To Rock A Data-Driven Content Calendar Template That Will Boost Results By 299%

‍We liked the headline of this post because it has words like data-driven, template and results (299% of results to be precise). But it's not all fancy words, as the article provides good ideas and insights about a topic very close to our hearts. More specifically, it addresses consistency, frequency and organization which are instrumental for a successful content strategy.

To answer your question of how often to blog, it’d be all too easy for me to just say, “Hey there, just do a blog schedule of one post per week,” and call this post complete...


It's Not A Sales Cycle, It's A Buyer's Journey [Infographic]

It's no secret that sellers are required to understand every step in the buyer's journey in order to build effective marketing funnels. This infographic concisely depicts the reality of modern buyers and how to help them move forward through the funnel.

We all want to strike gold. Whether you're a buyer looking for the right solution or a seller looking to make that legendary sale, the perfect deal is like hitting the jackpot...