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inboundli Gets Reviewed on FinancesOnline (Spoiler Alert: It’s Good)

inboundli Gets Reviewed on FinancesOnline (Spoiler Alert: It’s Good)

Our main goal at inboundli is to make content curation into an actionable and revenue driving strategy for B2B marketers. A lot of effort and research is invested into developing the most advanced features and workflows to provide an environment where content curation can bolster an exponential improvement in existing content and social media marketing strategies. We are, therefore, very excited to be featured in a recent inboundli review at FinancesOnline and get recognition for our efforts in advancing the use and adoption of content curation among marketing professionals.

FinancesOnline is one of the leading authorities when it comes to B2B software evaluation, comparison and reviews and is used by company owners and enterprise buyers who seek to enhance or replace their current software solutions.

After analyzing inboundli and comparing it to other content marketing solutions, the software analysts at FinancesOnline decided to award inboundli with the "Great User Experience", "Great Customer Support" and the "Expert’s Choice 2016" quality certificates in the marketing software category.

FinancesOnline quality certificates

These certificates are based on what the analysts found to be inboundli’s strongest functionalities.

Finding Content in Specialized B2B Industries

Building authority among professional audiences requires sharing large amounts of high-quality content, which B2B companies often find hard to source. Our predictive modeling algorithms foresee engagement and provide unlimited relevant content to share consistently even in the narrowest niches.

inboundli application screenshot of specialized content

Reaching Audiences and Getting Engagements From Posts

Having great content doesn’t guarantee reaching targeted audiences if the content isn’t optimized for social sharing. Hashtag suggestions, automated tagging, image imports, smart scheduling time slots and live feedback help to get the most visibility from a post and increase the chance of interactions.

inboundli application screenshot of annotation for reach and engagement

Understanding What Works for Competitors

Understanding what works for competitors can be crucial in adjusting a content or social media marketing strategy. inboundli provides you with tools to analyze which content performs best for a competitor or influencer.

inboundli application screenshot of social monitoring

These features along with curated blog posts publishing, our browser extensions and daily suggestion emails provide an intuitive and tested workflow to use third-party content in a way that promises to grow a company’s authority, visibility, engagements, qualified traffic, SEO and, most importantly, sales.

In addition, inboundli is a featured HubSpot integration and helps inbound marketers to enhance their current content and social strategies through the use of relevant and engaging third-party content.

inboundli and HubSpot integration logo

We are constantly developing new features to ensure that our customers are getting the best tools to be successful with content curation. It’s great to get recognized for our efforts and we will continue to improve our toolset and maintain our role as a leading B2B content curation solution.

You can read the entire review here.