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inboundli Features Update – Your In-House Content Feed

inboundli Features Update – Your In-House Content Feed

One of the most important aspects of content curation is the ability to grow your brand’s reach and authority on social media. This helps you to establish strong broadcasting channels in order to distribute your own content and drive targeted traffic to your website. For these reasons, we launched a feature that will help you mix your in-house content with your curated posts which will help you to own a larger share of voice online and drive tangible results.

Where to Find My In-House Content Feed?

To find your in-house content feed, navigate to the page titled “My content” as shown in the screenshot below.

A screenshot showing how to find the in-house content feed

How to Mix In-House with Curated Content in inboundli?

By default, you will see all the articles from your blog sorted by their most recent publishing date (newest articles first). You can use the search field to find content about specific topics or use the “Sort by” dropdown to sort content by other parameters.

A screenshot showing the search field and sorting dropdown

The search term and sorting parameters you choose will be highlighted on the returned pieces of content.

A screenshot showing the highlighted search and sorting parameters

After finding the article you are interested in, you can either share it to social media or add it to your blog digest.

A screenshot showing how to share or add in-house content to a blog post


Regularly reposting your own content inbetween curated posts will help you to drive more social traffic to your website and maximize the value of every piece of content on your blog. As a best practice, we recommend mixing one original post between every four curated posts.

This feature is about to get many new upgrades, so stay tuned into the upcoming changes.