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inboundli Features Update – Scheduling Recurring Posts

inboundli Features Update – Scheduling Recurring Posts

You asked, we implemented – from now, you can schedule recurring posts on inboundli and save even more time. This feature allows you to further automate social posting by defining a re-sharing pattern. Apart from saving time, scheduling recurring posts helps to make sure that your in-house and relevant third-party content are never underutilized.

Why It’s Important to Repost In-House Content

From the aspect of your in-house content, it’s important to schedule the same post multiple times upfront because distributing existing content requires very little additional investment to continue bringing in leads. This is in stark contrast to the costs involved in creating new content assets.

We recommend scheduling your in-house content for a year upfront. You can periodically update the content if significant changes threaten to render it obsolete (this is still much cheaper than creating new content).

Why It’s Important to Repost Third-Party Content

From the aspect of content curation, it’s important to re-share a third-party resource if it supports your company’s narrative and especially if it’s created by an influencer in your industry. Creating well crafted content is hard and building authority takes time, but with curation you get a shortcut.

How Scheduling a Recurring Post Works in inboundli

  1. Click the “Share” button to schedule a post
  2. At the bottom of the sharing popup, switch the toggle button from “Single post” to “Recurring post”
  3. Select a starting date to choose the first day to start sharing your post
  4. Select the time the post will be shared at
  5. Select how many days to wait between re-shares
  6. Finally, select how many times to re-share the post

A Screenshot showing how to open a share popup in inboundli

A Screenshot showing how to setup a recurring post in inboundli

That’s it! You now have a recurring post schedule and each of the posts can be changed individually from the “Scheduling” menu.

For in-house content promotion, it makes sense to post it often while it’s fresh. In this case, select 3 or 7 days between reshares. If, on the other hand, you are sharing a third-party content, it’s probably better to wait 14 to 30 days between reshares.


Reposting content is an effective way to make the most out of every good piece of content. Now, with the ability to schedule recurring posts you can rapidly fill-up your content calendar and be sure that your in-house and the best third-party content assets are used to the maximum.