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inboundli Features Update – Competitor Monitoring

inboundli Features Update – Competitor Monitoring

Your competitors, especially if they are market leaders, might have a well established content strategy and valuable insights about your target audience. There are many tools that offer monitoring of keywords, backlinks and web rankings, but virtually no tools that allow to monitor and research a competitor’s content effectively. For that reason, we launched a new feature that does exactly that: allowing our users to closely monitor, sort and reuse the best performing content from competitors.

How Does Monitoring Content Help?

When a company is successful, it’s usually because they understood something important about their customers’ behavior. The same principal holds true for content – when a company publishes content that gets a lot of engagement, their audience probably finds the content valuable. Being able to understand how competitors use content to engage your target audience can save you many months of strategy optimization and help you to keep up with the latest content trends in your industry.

How Does inboundli Monitor Competitors?

In inboundli, you can view social feeds of your competitors with data about the social post (annotations, engagement rates) and data about the content (word count, domain authority, publisher name and publishing date). You can also quickly access the original content and the original social posts for additional context.

Screenshot of the post and publisher data on inboundli's Stats page

However, the powerful part is that inboundli helps you to find specific content. A keyword search allows you to view content about the topics that are of interest to you, while a sorting filter allows you to order content by recency and engagement to discover the best performing content.

Screenshot of the search and sorting bar on inboundli's Stats page

After finding the best content about a specific topic, you can use it a as a resource for research, publish it (if your competitor curated the content) or add it to your blog in inboundli.

Screenshot of the post actions on inboundli's Stats page

Where Are These Features?

You can find the monitoring features on the “Stats” page. By default you see your own social feeds, but you can switch to a competitor feed from a dropdown labeled “Channel”. These feature are only available with our Pro and Enterprise plans.

A screenshot showing how to navigate to the Stats page and select a competitor feed.

Final Thoughts

We developed this feature in close communication with leading marketing agencies who use monitoring as a research tool to faster and better understand their clients’ unique content needs. We also gave it as a beta version to a dozen companies out of which 2 have changed their content strategy thanks to the insights they discovered. We are certain that content marketers are going to benefit from this feature and are already planning the next set of enhancements.