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inboundli Features Update – Blog Categories

inboundli Features Update – Blog Categories

We added an improvement to the blogging functionality in inboundli and from now you can categorize your curated blog posts. Categorization helps your audience to skim through content and get to the sections most interesting to them faster. Better skimming is proven to increase time on page and engagement.

How Categories Work in inboundli

To create a category, go to the “Blogs” page and select the “Settings” tab. Once there, you will see a label titled “Categories” underneath which you can create an unlimited number of categories. Simply click on the “Add category” button and write the name of the category in the empty input box that appears.

A screenshot of the Blogs page settings

When you add a new article to an upcoming blog issue there will be a new drop down menu under the content editor titled “Select category”. You can select one of the categories that you previously created in the Blogs settings or leave it empty by selecting the “No category” option.

A screenshot of the category selector drop down

If you now go to the Blogs menu, you will see a category name above the piece of content that you just added. The category label will appear only above the first piece of content if following articles are in the same category. If a following article has a new category than a new category label will appear. You can move articles around and the categories will move as well.

A screenshot of a category label on the Blogs page

The style that you see around the category name on the platform will not be carried over to your blog. You can click on the “Preview” button from the top of your blog issue to see what the raw HTML will look like.

A screenshot of the Preview button

The style for your categories will come from your CMS so you have the flexibility to make it match your branding and website style. Here is an example of what categorization looks like on our blog:

A screenshot of a category label on the inboundli blog page

We are going to introduce many exciting improvements to the blogging functionality in the near future so stay tuned for more updates.