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inboundli Features Roundup – September 2015

inboundli Features Roundup – September 2015

We added exciting new features to inboundli that add more flexibility to your sharing workflows and increase post visibility. In addition, we introduced content suggestions in emails. Here are the details of where to find these features and how they’ll help you in growing content reach and generating engagements:

Image Selector

Where is this feature: Share popup

Previously, when you were sharing content, we provided only the featured image from an article. From now on you can select from multiple images when sharing a post.

Tweets are text only by default while Facebook and LinkedIn posts include thumbnail images. When you open the share popup, only Twitter is selected for posting and therefore the image selector isn’t visible. To open the image selector, either choose to post an image to Twitter (toggle the switch above the annotation text to “with image”) or select to post to Facebook or LinkedIn.

The image toggle switch above the Twitter annotation text toggles between a regular (text) post and an image post. On Facebook the switch toggles between a post with a thumbnail and a large image post, while LinkedIn currently includes only thumbnail posts and doesn’t have a toggle switch. To make sure that you are sharing an image post, please verify that the toggle switch is colored red. If it isn’t, the default posting option will be used.

Image selection options open with a pre-loaded featured image. Unfortunately, many content sources often implement image featuring wrongly or leave it out completely (if you’d like to know more about how to control content appearance on social media and search results, please check this article). You can change the pre-loaded image by clicking the button “Change image”. After selecting a new image, you can click on the button “View full size” to check whether the actual image dimensions are good enough for social publishing.

Example of image selector opened when posting to Twitter and Facebook:

The new image selection workflow

Custom Times For Scheduling Content

Where is this feature: Share popup

We added an option titled “Custom time” at the bottom of the dropdown menu where you would usually select your pre-set time slots. Selecting “Custom time” will add a module where you can select the hour (hh), minutes (mm) and time of day (am, pm).

Custom time selection module

We added the feature as it can be useful in case you need to publish something outside of the workflow of your pre-set time-slots. However, I suggest not to rely on custom times for all your posting it will cost a lot of time. inboundli’s default behavior, which picks the next available time-slot, is much faster and more accurate.

Suggestions in Email

When do I get this email: If you don’t have scheduled content, you’ll receive a weekly reminder email

Since consistent sharing on social media is critical to building a targeted and engaged audience, we have been sending reminder emails to share new posts when all your scheduled posts were sent out. From now, these emails will contain the 5 top content suggestions for each of the streams in your account.

The article title is a link to the original article and will take you to the publisher’s website. At the top of the email, there is a link titled “your suggestions” that will take you to the inboundli app. The top 5 posts in the email are the first 5 suggestions in your stream. Please note that if the email is opened a few days after we sent it, the top suggestions are likely to change.

Here is an example of content content suggestions for 1 stream:

Email suggestions

Suggestions Time Frame

Where is this change: Under the “Published” label in the filter menu

Deafult time frame for content suggestions

We made a subtle change and switched the default time frame to look for content in the last week instead of the last day. This provides more content if you apply filters or commence narrow searches.

We hope these features provide a better user experience and will help you to share content easier. We’re happy to hear your feedback or ideas.