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8 Lesser Known Social Media Changes – What to Pay Attention to in 2017

There is plenty of coverage on new features that were launched on social networks over the past year. While additions such as Conversation Starters on LinkedIn or live 360 videos on Twitter are likely to impact B2B marketing in 2017, there are more critical changes that are certain to have an effect on established social marketing tactics.

A Better Way to Provide Customer Support – Interview With ActionBar

Like every company that works in a B2B space, a lot of inboundli's success depends on providing good and timely support. Achieving this goal depends largely on the amount of resources that we can allocate to it and luckily for us, our friends at ActionBar launched a platform that can fundamentally change the way that companies provide customer support.

8 Best Practices for Social Posts That Get Noticed [Infographic]

In a previous article, I covered how to find and target your audience by selecting the right social networks for distribution, defining content sharing patterns and generating content consistently. These are basic considerations in any social media strategy, but on their own they aren’t enough to establish an effective acquisition channel – social posts also need to be optimized for reaching new audiences and engaging existing followers.

Software Comparison Websites: inboundli Reviewed on Software Advice

We are excited to announce that inboundli got reviewed and listed on Software Advice – one of the most prominent software comparison websites out there. But wait! You should still read on because this article isn’t about bragging. It also includes the valuable lessons that we learned from getting listed on a dozen software comparison websites.

How to Use Built-In Social Media Analytics to Uncover Hidden Insights

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure,” management theorist Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying. This holds especially true for social media, where correct measurement is a non-trivial task.

Twitter Update: Annotating Posts is Going to Get a Lot Better

Twitter recently announced major changes in the way the 140-character limit will be counted in the near future, allowing for longer Tweets. These changes bring significant advantages to users and social media marketers in particular. Among the changes are the ways Mentions, Retweets and media attachments are being handled; which will open the way to more expressive annotations and better content sharing.

inboundli Gets Reviewed on FinancesOnline (Spoiler Alert: It’s Good)

Our main goal at inboundli is to make content curation into an actionable and revenue driving strategy for B2B marketers. A lot of effort and research is invested into developing the most advanced features and workflows to provide an environment where content curation can bolster an exponential improvement in existing content and social media marketing strategies. We are, therefore, very excited to be featured in a recent inboundli review at FinancesOnline and get recognition for our efforts in advancing the use and adoption of content curation among marketing professionals.

How to Set Up Social Media as an Acquisition Channel in B2B Industries [Infographic]

We live in an era where social media is all present and everyone kind of knows that it’s an important brand building channel for their business. However, few companies consider their social media assets as high-performing acquisition channels, thereby missing out on low-cost qualified leads and ultimately sales. This problem goes deeper among B2B companies who find it difficult to bridge the gap between standard organizational goals and a sound social media strategy.

inboundli Features Roundup – February 2016

We are excited to announce that inboundli underwent many significant changes since our last “new features” update from September. I abstained from writing about each improvement individually as they are complementary and were planned to achieve common goals as a whole. Over the past 4 months, we worked on improvements of core features and changed some pages to facilitate content research – a functionality that many users have requested. Below are the details about the main changes and the ways they are meant to help you improve your social media content strategy.

Measuring the Value of Content Curation: How Much is Engagement Worth?

The majority of brands that aspire to gain a significant social media footprint use content curation to establish authority and raise awareness. Although content curation became a norm with 82% of B2B marketers, I repeatedly encounter confusion among marketers when it comes to measuring the impact of third-party content on tangible metrics such as revenue. Using real life examples, I’d like to give definitive answers about the goals content curation is suitable to serve and how it impacts the bottom line.

inboundli Features Roundup – September 2015

We added exciting new features to inboundli that add more flexibility to your sharing workflows and increase post visibility. In addition, we introduced content suggestions in emails. Here are the details of where to find these features and how they’ll help you in growing content reach and generating engagements:

Control How Your Website's Content Looks in Social Media and Search Results

Unifying the appearance of your brand outside of your website is important for increasing brand awareness, engagements with your site's content and traffic to landing pages. By adding a few lines of HTML markup to your website, you can control the way your web pages look when they are shared on social media or appear in search results. Without this markup, you are leaving the presentation of your web pages in the hands of social networks and search engines.

The Role of Curation in B2B Content Marketing [Infographic]

In order to support complex sales cycles and generate qualified leads, it’s considered a good practice among B2B marketers to match content to buyer stages. The goals for early buying stages include raising brand awareness, establishing authority in the industry, increasing reach and engaging targeted audiences. These early stage goals require the most content to be published and this is where content curation is most useful, being a cost and time effective tactic to fill up your content calendar.

Data Mining for Content Marketers – Learning the API

According to a Content Marketing Institute report, 86% of B2B companies use content marketing, but only 28% say that their efforts are effective. Nonetheless, there is little doubt about the effectiveness of content marketing as a strategy that drives targeted traffic and generates high-quality leads. This implies that something along the execution can be optimized to achieve content marketing’s full potential.