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Why inboundli?

An icon symbolizing reach

Extend your reach

Reach and engage decision makers in your industry to transform social media into effective acquisition channels.

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Get more out of your content

Maintain a consistent social presence to ensure that your content performs to it's absolute maximum.

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Save resources

Fill up your content calendar with high-quality posts for a fraction of the cost and time of content creation.

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Enable more sales

Help your sales team project authority and meaningfully connect with prospects and customers.

How inboundli Works?

Discover the Most Relevant Content

Cut through the noise and share content that has the most potential to engage your target audience. inboundli offers the fastest way to source and publish the most relevant content for any industry.

A screenshot of content suggestions

Social Data Analysis

inboundli analyzes social data to predict and suggest the most engaging content from your industry.

Machine Learning

inboundli contentiously improves content suggestions by learning from your actions and performance.

Search and Filtering

Quickly access your favorite content by saving searches and filters around topics, publishers or locations.

Grow Engagement With Social Posts

inboundli offers a set of tools optimized for social publishing. With image imports, hashtag suggestions, publisher attribution and scheduling templates your posts are always optimized to reach your target audience.

A screenshot of publishing tools

Optimization Suggestions

inboundli provides ideas and feedback to help you create posts that reach and engagement your audience.

Enrich Your Posts

inboundli automatically tags publishers, suggests relevant hashtags and sources visuals to optimize your posts.

Scheduling Templates

inboundli creates a scheduling template based on the times your audience is likely to engage with your content.

Integrate In-House Content

inboundli helps you steadily and repeatedly deliver your in-house content between curated posts. Your content is distributed organically, earns additional visibility and engagement and is never wasted or underutilized.

A screenshot of an in-house content stream

Natural distribution

When mixed with curated posts your authored content gains more visibility, engagement and authority.

Your in-house stream

inboundli imports every piece of content that you publish into a separate content stream for you to share from.

Scheduling automation

Approve content that you would like to re-share and schedule how frequently you would like to post it.

Curate Content in Your Blog

With inboundli you can effectively use the best third-party content to drive social traffic to your website and improve your SEO at a fraction of the time and cost associated with standard content authoring.

A screenshot of curated blog posts

Create a Curated Blog Post

Author and publish curated posts within inboundli to establish a constant stream of social traffic to your blog.

Contextualize Content

Annotate content suggestions with your unique perspective to populate a blog post within minutes.

Draft and Export

Use our lean text editor, content sorting and customizable default settings to swiftly format posts.

Research Content and Monitor Competitors

inboundli helps to research, reuse and monitor content. Save your favorite posts to use later, easily find your best performing content and monitor your competitors to make sure that you are always a step ahead.

A screenshot of content research

Content Repository

Save content to a repository for review with team members, use in a future campaign or content research.

Performance Stats

inboundli helps you to find your best performing posts to reuse and plan in-house content creation.

Competitor Monitoring

Gain insights about your competitors and integrate their success factors into your social media strategy.

What Our Clients Say

  • A photograph of Brad Lighthall

    inboundli enables marketing teams to reduce time spent searching for content while greatly increasing quality and variety. Adding inboundli to your social media arsenal will allow you to deliver hyper-targeted content that will drive engagement and showcase your company as a true industry thought leader.

    — Brad Lighthall, Social Media Specialist at Weidert Group, B2B Inbound Marketing Agency @bradlighthall

    A photograph of Ben Redfield

    inboundli does the work of a dedicated content curator to help me deliver great content and get better social media engagement rates with my target audience in just a few minutes each week. As a result, content has greater reach and captures a larger share of voice in the industry.

    — Ben Redfield, Marketing Manager at iScan Online Inc, Data Breach Risk Intelligence, @redfieldben

    A photograph of Andreas Genest

    inboundli is extremely beneficial to find scientific content and to stay up-to-date in sustainability related topics. Therefore, it's much more than a marketing instrument. It helps me to find newly released reports, papers and articles and makes it very easy to share them with my community. Thus, reducing the time I need to search for high quality content to a minimum!

    — Andreas Genest, Research and Consulting at ifu Hamburg, Sustainability Services, @AndreasGenest

    A photograph of Julie Vetter

    In 10 minutes a day we were able to significantly increase the quality of our curated content, followers, influence and engagement. Very impressed with how inboundli surfaces content, suggests optimizations, and schedules it across channels for a fraction of the usual time. Plus, HubSpot users get the posts scheduled via their social dashboard. I'm addicted to inboundli!

    — Julie Vetter, Co-founder, Hoi Moon Marketing, Certified HubSpot Inbound Marketing Agency, @hoimoon

  • A photograph of Aurelien Blaha

    inboundli has dramatically reduced the time we spend to gather and select relevant curated content for our social audiences. The interface is slick and simple to use, and I've been impressed how quickly the content selection has become relevant with respect to our industry topics. Plus, we use HubSpot so the native integration has been a perfect icing on the cake.

    — Aurélien Blaha, Marketing Director at FINALCAD, Construction Industry Software, @aurelienblaha

    A photograph of Dave Orecchio

    We needed to find high-quality content for social sharing for a client that competes in a niche technology market. I'm very pleased with the quality of content that inboundli provides on a daily basis. It helps to build a focused social following while promoting engagement with our client's brand. Anyone looking for a steady stream of high-quality content should consider inboundli.

    — Dave Orecchio, Owner, Bristol Strategy, Inc. Inbound Marketing Agency for Technology Companies, @dorecchio

    A photograph of Jess Coburn

    We've used inboundli for about year and I couldn't be happier. With inboundli we're consistently delivering content to our followers that's of interest, current and of good quality. We've also been able to reduce the amount of time it takes to manage our social media presence and increase our follower count and interactions significantly.

    — Jess Coburn, CEO of Applied Innovations, a Managed Cloud Hosting Provider, @jesscoburn

    A photograph of John Rode

    I'm deeply impressed with inboundli's ability to learn which content resonates with our audience and make spot-on content recommendations. This is a huge time-saver for us and fuel for our growth. In addition, their responsiveness to literally every question I have asked is unmatched.

    — John Rode, Head of Marketing at Ptero, User Behavior Analytics, @JohnRode

  • A photograph of Nevlynn Janssen

    inboundli helps me to provide my social media followers with a constant stream of relevant content and builds my brand and trust with them. The tool is very intuitive and easy to use. When I give a presentation on how to do marketing for startups I always mention inboundli as one of the great tools that can help you build and maintain an audience. Whenever I have a question I get an almost immediate response from the support team.

    — Nevlynn Janssen, VP Global Marketing at Onegini, Mobile Security Platform, @Nevlynn

    A photograph of Lonnie Ayers

    I'm using inboundli for 6 months and have excellent results. I evaluated various content curation solutions for the past 3 years and this one has proven to be amazing at finding the content I want to share. The deep machine learning shows up each time I use it as it gets better at finding content that fits my criteria. Best of all, it reduced my workload and I'm generating more leads than ever as inboundli supercharges my own content.

    — Lonnie Ayers, President SAP BW Consulting, Business Intelligence Solutions, @Lonniea39

    A photograph of Carolyn Frith

    inboundli makes my life so much easier. It provides me with a bunch of content that's a perfect match for my audience. Once I select the content, it automatically schedules it. It takes no time at all. Since I've been using it, my Klout score has increased by 5 points.

    — Carolyn Frith, Content Marketing Consultant and Creator at Carolyn Frith Marketing, @carolynfrith

    A photograph of Christian Brim

    If you're into content marketing, then you have to check out inboundli. Content sourced and optimized with the app is over 3X more effective at reaching and engaging my target audience – it's receiving an average click-through rate of 1.95% per post versus 0.59% for the rest. Pretty impressive!

    — Christian Brim, Co-founder CoreEmployeeSolution, Employee Management Software, @MyEmpSolution

  • A photograph of James Rendell

    inboundli is the most valuable content marketing application I've come across. It has the right tools to effectively serve up content that is relevant to our buyer personas and allows us to share across multiple platforms with ease. The support from inboundli is one of the most responsive in the industry and given we are based in Australia, the ability to get a quick response at all hours of the day is a big bonus.

    — James Rendell, Director at Co-pilot Marketing, Inbound & Marketing Strategy Agency, @RendellAu

    A photograph of Adam Kushner

    We're a HubSpot partner and use inboundli to curate content for our clients. inboundli makes it easy for us to find great content to share and blog about. The Chrome app makes it easy to save content we find and share it later. The inboundli Team has been awesome to work with and offered excellent training and onboarding.

    — Adam Kushner, Owner Business Actualization, Auto Repair Shop Inbound Marketing, @adamkushner

    A photograph of Charles Moore

    inboundli is doing a great job at helping me to engage my social media followers and raise my authority which is essential in my line of work. The UI is very intuitive and it was easy to learn how to use the platform in a short time. I highly recommend inboundli to anyone who needs to build authority and get a larger share of voice on social media.

    — Charles Moore, Founder at AMS, CRM and Marketing Consulting Services, @cwcmoore

    A photograph of Ken Accardi

    inboundli is a great tool to increase social reach. It enables me to curate and share content that engages our core audience. It's easy to use and I can generally set up multiple days of content in just a few minutes per day.

    — Ken Accardi, CEO at Ankota, Software for Home Care, Care Transitions & Avoiding Hospitalizations, @Ankota

  • A photograph of Chris Raulf

    Anyone looking to enhance their social media and content marketing strategy needs to try inboundli. It will save you time and money and you'll be able to share the most relevant content your target audience is looking for in a heart beat. I could see increased engagement and higher visibility within days of starting using the platform. Two thumbs up!

    — Chris Raulf, Founder of Boulder SEO Marketing, Marketing and SEO Training Company, @swisschris

    A photograph of Jon Law

    I love this software because it allows me to share great content with my followers really easily and at the times of day I like. The best part is the quality of content. The topics are always spot on and the software is easy to use. I can't imagine a time when I won't be using inboundli.

    — Jon Law, Head of Metrics at Lollipop Local, Hubspot Certified SEO & Social Media Company, @SocialMediaInUK

    A photograph of Aitana Arias

    inboundli is an excellent tool which saves me hours on content research. Using inboundli also means cutting down 4-5 hours of content curation every week to just 10 minutes. I've been using inboundli for more than 1 year now and I'm extremely happy with it, 100% recommended!

    — Aitana Arias, Marketing Consultant, @aiariascolet

    A photograph of Hugo Henraat

    inboundli is the perfect solution for us. It‘s easy to use and never short of high-quality content to share. This, combined with unique publishing tools, means we need only 10 minutes a day to setup our social publishing. By using inboundli we quickly increased the number of social followers as well as their quality.

    — Hugo Henraat, Co-founder of Plottu, Risk Analysis and Prediction, @PlottuToday

  • A photograph of Matthew Stibbe

    We’re seeing impressive results thanks to inboundli. It’s one of our secret weapons for making social media marketing really deliver more visits, leads and customers for our clients. Not only that but it makes social media superstars out of all our marketing consultants.

    — Matthew Stibbe, CEO, Articulate Marketing, Inbound Marketing Agency, @wearearticulate


  • Basic
    The basics to grow social engagement
  • $250/mo
    Or $225 /mo billed annually
  • 3 Social Profiles
  • No Competitor Monitoring
  • Unlimited Content
  • Influencer Data Modeling
  • Social Publishing Tools
  • Browser Extension
  • Request A Demo
  • Pro
    Advanced tools for content professionals
  • $500/mo
    Or $450 /mo billed annually
  • 5 Social Profiles
  • 3 Monitored Competitors
  • All in Basic, plus:
  • In-house content feed
  • Blog Posts Authoring
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Content Repository
  • Request A Demo
  • Enterprise
    Scalable solution for sales teams
  • Contact Us
  • Custom Number of Profiles
  • Custom Competitor Monitoring
  • All in Pro, plus:
  • Sales Enablement
  • Ongoing Strategy Consultation
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Contact Us

All plans include a live training session, HubSpot integration and content suggestion emails.

Pricing FAQs

Is there a discount on annual plans?

Yes. Signing up for an annual subscription will give you a 10% discount on all our plans, saving you $300 on the Basic plan and $600 on the Pro plan per year.

What is influencer data modeling?

In addition to your social data, we use data from a few influencers of your choice. This gives inboundli a better understanding of your target audience.

Can I monitor more competitors?

Sure, if you feel that you would benefit from monitoring more competitors, you can purchase additional competitor channels for $50 per competitor per month.

Can I add more social profiles?

Yes. Our plans are designed to provide enough social profiles to meet the needs of most companies but if you need more, you can add profiles for $20 per profile per month.

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  • Scale your content strategy

    Use curation to support your in-house content with a coherent narrative that is optimized to your buyer's journey.

  • Save time and costs

    Integrate curation into your workflows to save over 90% of the time and costs associated with content and social marketing.

  • Establish brand awareness

    Reach and engage your target audience to capture a share of voice in your industry and generate demand.

  • Connect with prospects

    Connect with decision makers in your industry and empower your sales team with the authority to increase closing rates.

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