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Discover and publish the most relevant content.

Content Discovery

Cut through the noise and spend time on the right content. inboundli offers the fastest workflow to source and publish the most engaging content tailored for your audience.

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More Visibility

Get more engagements out of your posts. With automated tagging, hashtag suggestions and images, your posts are optimized to reach the right audience.

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Scheduling Tools

Simplify content sharing by setting up scheduling templates. Use inboundli to steadily deliver content at the times your audience wants to get it, all at a click of a mouse.

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Multiple Sharing

Find your best performing posts on every social network and share them again to save time and easily generate engagements in support of your social media campaigns.

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Workflow Integration

Integrate inboundli with HubSpot or use exports to distribute targeted content via your platform of choice.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Photo of jon law

    I love this software because it allows me to share great content with my followers really easily and at the times of day I like. The best part is the quality of content. The topics are always spot on and the software is easy to use. I can’t imagine a time when I won’t be using inboundli.

    — Jon Law, Head of Metrics at Lollipop Local - a Hubspot certified partner SEO & Social media company, @SocialMediaInUK

    Photo of Carolyn Frith

    inboundli makes my life so much easier. I just set up the time slots when I want to post in advance. Then, it provides me with a bunch of content that's a perfect match for my audience. Once I select the content, it automatically schedules it. It takes no time at all. Since I've been using it, my Klout score has increased by 5 points.

    — Carolyn Frith, Content Marketing Consultant and Creator at Carolyn Frith Marketing, LLC, @carolynfrith

    Photo of Andreas Genest

    One source, all content! For me, inboundli is extremely beneficial to find scientific content and to stay up-to-date in sustainability related topics. Therefore, it is much more than a marketing instrument. It helps me to find newly released reports, papers and articles and makes it very easy to share them with my community. Thus, reducing the time I need to search for high quality content to a minimum!

    — Andreas Genest, Research and Consulting at ifu Hamburg, @AndreasGenest

    Photo of Christian Brim

    If you're into content marketing, then you need to check out inboundli. Content sourced and optimized with the app is over 3X more effective at reaching and engaging my target audience. inboundli content is receiving an average click-through rate of 1.95% per post versus 0.59% for the rest. Pretty impressive.

    — Christian Brim, Co-founder of CoreEmployeeSolution, @MyEmpSolution

  • Photo of Gabriella Sannino

    inboundli helped cut our social sharing time in half and the quality of the content is formidable. As it stands we’re not going anywhere. We’re here to support these guys and will continue to use this platform.

    — Gabriella Sannino, International SEO consultant, Level343 International SEO & Marketing Company, @SEOcopy

    Photo of Chris Raulf

    Anyone looking to enhance their social media and content marketing strategy needs to try inboundli. The application is very easy to use and provides content that is tailored to my clients’ needs. Not only do I save time, I'm also able to provide my clients with better content. I could see increased engagement and higher visibility within days of starting using the platform.

    — Chris Raulf, SEO Expert and Founder of Boulder SEO Marketing, @swisschris

    Photo of Hugo Henraat

    inboundli is the perfect solution for us. It does a great job filtering the right content and is never short of quality content to publish. This combined with automated scheduling means we need only 15 min a day to setup our daily social media. We are using it mainly for twitter and have seen not only the number of followers increase but also their quality.

    — Hugo Henraat, Co-founder and CEO of Plottu, @PlottuToday

    Photo of Aitana Arias

    inboundli is the production tool I was looking for. Using inboundli means for me cutting down 4-5 hours weekly for content curation to just 10 minutes. Plus you don't have to keep looking at different sources to get the content you want to post, inboundli gets your customized content and you only have to schedule it.

    — Aitana Arias, Marketing Consultant, @aiariascolet

  • Photo of Ben Redfield

    inboundli does the work of a dedicated content curator to help me deliver great content and get better social media engagement rates with my target audience in just a few minutes each week. As a result, content has greater reach and captures a larger share of voice in the industry.

    — Ben Redfield, Marketing Manager at iScan Online Inc, @redfieldben


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