A content curation toolbox.

Our technology saves hours on content discovery and publishing across social media.

  • Personalized content stream

  • Content export to use with your favorite applications

  • Automated mentions and hashtag suggestions

  • Scheduling templates

  • Content analytics

How it works:

Get the right content

Choose content from a personalized stream, optimized to fit your audience's interests.

content suggestions

Make posts visible

Publish to multiple social accounts with hashtag suggestions, automated mentions and scheduling templates.

publishing tools

Optimize results

Use analytics to track and measure key metrics and refine your content curation strategy.



  • $19/MO
  • 7 day free trial (no credit card)
  • 1 content stream *
  • Automated mentions
  • Hashtag suggestions
  • Scheduling template
  • Reports and analytics
  • Content export
* Usually you need one stream for every client that you manage.

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